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Zangler Fish pin "Painted Sea" Variant

by Michael Potempa

$17.00 / On Sale

LE /50 Painted Sea Variant

Gemstone mounted in the illicium of each fish.

The gemstones for the Painted LE /50 pins are as follows:

Citrine(yellow) 10, Tanzanite(purple) 10, Sapphire(blue) 10, Emerald(green) 10, Ruby(Red) 5, Diamond(clear) 5

Triple posted, serial numbered /50 and my signature is also etched on the back.

The fish also has glowing eyes, teeth, fins and even the seaweed has an eerie bioluminescent glow as well!

This pin was created from an original painting of mine.

With this low of an LE I'd like to ask that sales are limited to one per person, please.

*If you are buying an extra pin as a gift or to help out a friend who is short on cash, I'll let it slide. I'd just like the people who really want one, to get one.

Thank you for your support! Cheers!